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Now more than ever before, meetings and events are essential to staying connected and informed.  Meetings and events through the Washington Hospitality Association are shaped with industry members in mind; to provide the latest information, updates, resources and solutions to issues impacting your business and teams.

Our meetings and events provide an opportunity to hear from industry leaders, ask questions and interact.  Whether it's a regional town hall, a webinar about the latest changes or a podcast discussion to listen to before you open for the day, we're here to provide you good information to make your business healthy and vibrant.

Spokane Chapter Meeting

9 am Wednesday, Nov. 4​

Details on the new Spokane County

CARES Act Hospitality Relief Grant

Sponsored by Sysco

Join Washington Hospitality Association CEO Anthony Anton and Spokane Chapter President Derek Baziotis as they outline the details of the new hospitality relief grant programs approved by Spokane County.  This grant program provides for relief fund monies to restaurants, lodging businesses and event venues impacted by the pandemic. 

Anthony, Derek and other guests will give an overview and share details of how you can apply.

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